Quick Clearance Training

Quick Clearance Training

Advanced Carrier & Wrecker Training at The Towman Games

Friday 10/15, 8 am – 12 Noon, 1 pm – 5 pm
Fee: $395 Includes Lunch

The use of light-duty carriers and wreckers in highway, quick clearance. Loading damaged vehicles, repositioning to clear lanes, and rigging for recovery, are some of the primary tasks trained in this course. A trained operator can handle a myriad of tasks; but careless use and improper operator techniques can lead to potential injury, fatality and extensive damage to the wrecker or carrier itself.  

This, “reality base training”, invites you to acquire fundamental skills, techniques and considerations necessary to avoid tragedy while working in the best interests of Quick Clear Programs and on-going work-place safety. 

The course brings a solid focus to light-duty wreckers and carrier specific operations to include discussion regarding on-scene safety and survival practices. The modules of discussion are:
• Roadside and Operator Safety
• Working Off the White Line
• Initiating an Advanced Warning Area
• Can Carrier’s be used for Quick Clear?
• Minimizing lane closures, time of lane closures and distractions to motorists
• Equipment Placement
• Responding to incidents quickly but safely
• Developing Quick Clearance Best Practices

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