President’s Message

President’s Message

Hello Coalition Members,

As 2016 nears its final month It allows us to reflect back and gauge our accomplishments in the industry and our association. We also are reminded of the challenges that lie ahead, like the rising costs of insurance, a deficient driver pool, hours of service and the list goes on. I know that if we are going to meet these challenges we need to work together, now more than ever before. Which is why we have leveraged our strengths with CTTA’s on many fronts. We have representation on TROC, we sit on CTTA’s Board as an allied association. Your Coalition worked with CTTA and our counsel at the State Capital on many legislative issues. Our efforts will produce online supplemental training modules for our members in early 2017. Working across the aisle with other industry associations is what will get us across the goal line on many of the issues we face. As we go into the new year, we need you! We started this journey together almost five years ago, now is not the time to be complacent. Renewals will be arriving soon in your inbox and through the mail. We did not increase our membership dues. Please continue to join our efforts.

As I mentioned, much has been accomplished this year. Below are a few bullet points of what your Coalition has done in 2016.

  • We had a presence at several Tow shows this year. Las Vegas, St. Louis, Tennessee, San Diego and Baltimore.
  • We spoke in Tennessee at the Motor Club Forum which included towers from across the country and representatives of AAA, Road America, Geico, Agero and others.
  • We were invited to speak by TRAA at the Motor Club Forum in Baltimore.
  • Committee Members from CTTA and UCMCS have worked tirelessly to finalize the scripting for our online training program, which could not have been accomplished without the tremendous support from CTTA’s staff.
  • Several legislative actions (see legislative updates)
  • As our relationship grows deeper with Tow Times, we can anticipate more of a national footprint in the future.

I would like to close by reminding our members of the support we get from our Associate Members. Please support them.

Thanks to all our members that support us! I look forward to a prosperous 2017!

Steve Sgarlato