October Coalition News

October Coalition News

Hello Members,

We are entering in the final stretch of 2015. Hard to believe three quarters of the year is in the books. I have a lot of information to share with you so lets get started.

Craig Baker, Director and Michael McGovern of Tow Times with UCMCS President, Steve Sgarlato

As many of you know, we just finished our final tow show in this years show circuit at the Western States Tow Show in Reno. Fitting that it was in our own back yard and what a show it was! CTTA did a tremendous job at this year’s show. We would like to thank all involved at CTTA for supporting us. With the assistance of CTTA we were able to secure a venue and host our first cocktail party for the Coalition sponsored by RA Storelee Insurance and a couple of Coalition members. Over 60 attendees showed up for food and drinks. In all it was a success. Thank you for attending. We also signed up new members in Reno. This newsletter will be their first. I would like to welcome them to the UCMCS. In addition, we have two new associate members that I will share some information on at the end of this letter.

When we agreed as a Board to hit the tow show circuit this year, we had one main objective and that was to gain exposure for our Coalition. From Vegas and New Orleans, to Tennessee and Reno we not only told our story but met some incredible people in our industry. We may hit the road again next year but until then there is a lot of work to be done.

I mentioned in the September news letter that the Coalition has teamed up with CTTA’s education committee to build additional training curriculum that would assist the motor club tower and roadside service provider. We have met several times and will continue until our product is finished. One piece of this program will be online training modules that can be used internally in your business. This training program can also be used nationally which will help grow our presence outside of California. Tow Times is supporting this initiative and has offered to align with us to assist the UCMCS and CTTA in growing this program. I’m excited for what the future holds. Thanks again to the CTTA and Tow Times. Our challenges are too deep to not work together and solve issues we face in this industry.

Your Board meets in Monterey this November to look back on 2015 and reflect on the work that was done this year, gauge our achievements and where we fell short. In addition we will look at our finances, discuss dues and set up a road map for next year including preparation for 2016’s elections during the first quarter of the year. As soon as a date and location has been established, we will provide that information to you with anticipation of your attendance and your willingness to get involved. There will be plenty of Board seats up for election next year, please consider the commitment and help grow the Coalition and make an impact in our industry.

Two new Associate Members have been added to our group, Omadi Software and US Bank. We had the pleasure of meeting these companies at the Tennessee and Reno Shows. US Bank is offering low rates on equipment purchases (read more about those here) and Omadi Mobile Management (read about them here) is a towing software program that offers management from impound to dispatching and more. Please support all of our associate members. Visit the UCMCS web site to see our full list.

That is all for now, I look forward to bringing you up to date in November on our training initiative and our vision for the new year. Thank you for supporting the UCMCS.

All the best, Steve

Steve Sgarlato
President, UCMCS