National Work Zone Awareness Week 2015

National Work Zone Awareness Week 2015

Work Zone Awareness Week outreach

Send messages to all of the police/fire/transportation commissions and other public/road safety organizations we’ve amassed on our giant list, with an ask for them to post on FB and twitter. Of course we’ll be reaching out again for the June roll out but I like introducing ourselves through a connection with the safety awareness week.  We’ll get these out this afternoon. Draft language below.

**Help us promote road safety**

Hello – I’m with the United Coalition for Motor Club Safety, an organization created not only to facilitate safety and integrity within the towing industry, but also to promote road safety for motorists, first responders and roadside workers.

March 23-27 is National Work Zone Awareness Week and we’d like to share our poignant video that helps to educate the pubic about the risks we take on the roads everyday, as well as promotes adherence to the Slow Down, Move Over law, which is now in effect in all 50 states.  We are encouraging folks to share the video and sign our petition to show their support for our hardworking towers and spread the word about the Move Over Law.

Please consider supporting our efforts by reaching out to your social media networks – suggested posts below:

Suggested Facebook post:

Watch the United Coalition for Motor Club Safety’s poignant video about the dangers towers, first responders, and all roadside work face every day as they work diligently to keep the public safe.

Suggested Tweet:

Watch and share the poignant UCMCS video about the dangers roadside workers face every day to keep the public safe.

Thank you for all you to to keep the public safe and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!