Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

The United Coalition for Motor Club Safety is an organization of dedicated towers who have a passion for our industry. We work hard to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers, service operators and the motoring public. Our membership represents a diverse range of motor club vendors – in size, equipment and geography – and collectively responds to 1.3 million calls each year

We believe keeping our membership educated about current and pending laws and regulations will enhance the safety of our operations and employees.

Membership benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in regular meetings and seminars featuring guest speakers to address issues of importance to our industry. We recently invited a representative from the California Highway Patrol to give a seminar on new regulations regarding the Hours of Service laws that are now in effect.
  • Receiving regular updates about new and existing local, state and federal regulations.
  • Access to lobbyists who enable us to have a voice in legislative and regulatory issues, as well as legal counsel who help keep us within the law and advise us of changes in laws affecting our industry.
  • Access to a training program (currently in development) that addresses many of the unique differences that motor club towers experience.

UCMCS Board Members are committed to staying connected with the industry leaders and resources we need to be successful. We are involved with the following organizations: (partial list)

California Tow Truck Association
California Highway Patrol Tow
Service Agreement Committee
California Trucking Association
Towing and Recovery Association of America
Towing Regulatory Oversight Council

Membership Levels per year

Level 1: Below 400 calls per month – $150
Level 2: 400 – 1999 calls per month – $200
Level 3: 2000 – 3999 calls per month – $300
Level 4: 4000 more calls per month – $500

For more information and to become a member please contact

Members’ names are kept private and we will not share your information.