Meet Sherry White, President of ERSCA.

Meet Sherry White, President of ERSCA.

Sherry White began her career in towing in 1972 when she, and her husband Walt, purchased a Shell gas station and their first tow truck. As their business grew into four stations Sherry became involved in every facet of the industry, but after 23 years of operating the service station their focus shifted to just running ‘Walt’s Mission Pass Towing’ which stayed in operation for 19 years. During these years of success Sherry became very involved in the community first joining the California Tow Trucking Association. 

“We have been active members in the CTTA since 1986. Walt and I both have served on our local board.  I served as a Director, then for 4 ½ years served as Secretary, two terms of President for two years, two years as Past President, Past President and Treasurer of the Greater Bay Area Chapter. I also served for two years on the CTTA convention committee.  I am a charter member of the Tow Ladies of California and have served as Vice-President.  I served two years as secretary for the Niles-Fremont Innerwheel Club and also served two years as President of the club.” Sherry said of her years of service. “ I enjoy being a part of the CTTA and enjoy the opportunity to serve in any capacity that will better the industry”

At CTTA, she was recognized for her leadership by being inducted into Rich Chappel Industry Leader Hall. She has become a core figure in the industry, even being inducted into the International Tow Trucking Hall of Fame in 2020.

Now Sherry has decided to use her rich experience on a national stage and we welcome her as the current President of ERSCA. We are excited to have her for her leadership experience and for her love of the towing industry. We look forward to all that she will bring to the country’s towing community. 

Thank you, Sherry for all you’ve done for us.

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