Light Duty Training

ERSCA Light Duty Training

ERSCA is proud to announce a new era of professional Light Duty training. Our training can be offered nationwide and tailored to your training needs. We offer in-person, hands-on training as well as convenient virtual training.

ERSCA Light Duty training changes to fit your state’s specific towing laws but stays consistent in its ideals of safety first quality training so every student who takes the class both in-person and online can be certain that have what they need to be a successful Light Duty Towing professional.

ERSCA Light Duty Training Covers:

  • Safety / Professionalism / Safe Driving Practices / Truck Inspection / Truck Maintenance / Chains / Hooks & Attachments / Winches / Wire Rope / Towing & Recovery / Ratings / Safe Towing Capacity / Dollies / Drivelines / Car Carriers / Jump Starts / Fuel Delivery / Tire Service / Basic Recovery / Recovery Booms / Snatch Blocks / Scene Management / Hazardous Materials / Hybrid and Electric Vehicles / & MORE!

Curious about online training? Let us explain:

This isn’t your ordinary course where operators sit down and watch videos. When you register for our course, you’ll immediately receive the comprehensive ERSCA Light Duty Training Manual and instructions on joining the course from your computer or tablet. On class day, login and be met by our live instructor who will guide you through three days of certification-level curriculum, question & answer sessions, and detailed hands-on videos.

Benefits of ERSCA Online Light Duty Training:

  • No travel for training! Students take the course for 3 days from 8am-1pm at home or at the shop.
  • Live instructor is there actually teaching the curriculum and answering student questions.
  • Mix of live classroom instructions and detailed hands-on videos.