Light Duty Training – July 12 (Full)

ERSCA Online Light Duty Training

3-Day Training:

Tuesday 7/12,  7:45 am – 1 pm PT

Wednesday 7/13, 8 am – 1 pm PT

Thursday 7/14, 8 am – 1 pm PT

ERSCA is proud to announce a new era of professional Light Duty training.

Our training can be offered nationwide and tailored to your training needs. We offer in-person, hands-on training as well as convenient virtual training.

ERSCA Online Light Duty training changes to fit your state’s specific towing laws but stays consistent in its ideals of safety first quality training so every student who takes the class both in-person and online can be certain that have what they need to be a successful Light Duty Towing professional.

Cost for members $220 / non-members $440

ERSCA Online Light Duty Training Covers:

  • Safety / Professionalism / Safe Driving Practices / Truck Inspection / Truck Maintenance / Chains / Hooks & Attachments / Winches / Wire Rope / Towing & Recovery / Ratings / Safe Towing Capacity / Dollies / Drivelines / Car Carriers / Jump Starts / Fuel Delivery / Tire Service / Basic Recovery / Recovery Booms / Snatch Blocks / Scene Management / Hazardous Materials / Hybrid and Electric Vehicles / & MORE!

Curious about online training? Let us explain:

This isn’t your ordinary course where operators sit down and watch videos. When you register for our course, you’ll immediately receive the comprehensive ERSCA Light Duty Training Manual and instructions on joining the course from your computer or tablet. On class day, login and be met by our live instructor who will guide you through three days of certification-level curriculum, question & answer sessions, and detailed hands-on videos.

Benefits of ERSCA Online Light Duty Training:

  • No travel for training! Students take the course for 3 days at home or at the shop.
  • Live instructor is there actually teaching the curriculum and answering student questions.
  • Mix of live classroom instructions and detailed hands-on videos.

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Online Light Duty Training Help & Requirements

ERSCA Online Training Student,

Thank you for your interest in ERSCA’s Online Light Duty Training! To join us online for class, we have some basic requirements for your technology and attendance.


  • A device with a front-facing camera, microphone, reliable internet connection, and uninterrupted power supply (can be plugged in for all 5 hours). We highly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer for the optimal training experience. If your company has multiple students registered for the class, they MUST use separate devices in separate locations/rooms. Students may not take the course near each other!
  • A personal email account for each operator enrolled in the course.
  • Download of Webex application (see “Getting Started”) on the device the student will be using during all three class days. Students must download the app well in advance of the class so that it is ready and set up to go on class mornings.
  • Uninterrupted, on-camera attendance for three days, five hours per day (8am-1pm).
  •  State or govt. issued driver’s license, which the student will be asked to display to the instructor on their camera for
    attendance verification purposes.

GETTING STARTED: Students Must Prepare Ahead of Time!

  • Download the Webex Meetings application on the device you will be using for the class: Windows/PC/Mac, iOS, Android. Different devices may be used from day to day, however, be sure to login with the same registered account (see next point)
  • It’s up to you whether you want to create a Webex account during setup of the application, however, if you do, your settings will be saved and ready for you each time you join class. Once your account has been created, you can test your camera and microphone at test-meeting
  • After we receive your personal email address from the purchaser of the class seat, you will receive an automated email to that address with the  information needed to join on class days. Consider that email your key to the class- without it, you will not be able to get in, so make sure you keep it saved for later. The automated email will contain a link that you’ll simply need to click at the start of class times (provided you’ve already  downloaded the application and set up your account).


Students will be able to join the class at 7:15am PT on each class day.

  1.  Open your personal email client and find the email that you received to join the class. Click the link included there to join.
  2. This will open an alert in your browser (or tablet) that Webex needs to launch. Click Launch.
  3. The Webex application will open and you will be able to check your camera/audio settings and join the meeting immediately, providing you have followed the “Getting Started” account setup instructions. If not, you will need to sign in or provide the “Meeting ID” and password.
  4. Once admitted to the class, you will be greeted by an ERSCA instructor and asked provide your driver’s license. Simply hold your DL up to the camera of your device for the instructor to verify your identity.
  5. At 8am PT the class will get underway. Please review the following section for what to do during the class hours.


Please follow all the guidelines set forth here and by your instructor during class hours. If you have any questions for the instructor during class, just use the virtual “Raise Your Hand” feature and we will grant you audio privileges to ask your question aloud. You’ll also be able to chat privately with our co-instructor during the class if you have a quick question you don’t want to ask the instructor aloud. We’ll go over how to do those things and more below.

General Conduct

  • After checking in with the instructor, you will be muted and we ask that you remain muted on your device for the duration of the class, except when asking questions or being directly addressed by the instructor. Admin does have the ability to mute you in case you forget.
  • You must keep your video camera on and be visible at all times during instruction.

Using Webex Meetings

  • To familiarize yourself with the Webex Meetings platform, click here. This will open up a meeting
    with just yourself.
  • There are a few ways in which you can interact with the ERSCA Insutructor(s), during the class:-
    • Raise Your Hand (public): once you’re in the class, you can click/tap “Participants” to view everyone in the meeting and the host (ERSCA). Find/hover over your name. A “raise hand” icon will appear- click it to get our attention. If you no longer wish to ask your question, simply click the icon again.
    • Chat With Host (private): while in class, click “Chat” and enter your message to admin. We will answer you as soon as possible.


  • Testing will begin at the conclusion of instruction on Day 3.
  • Please use our provided Answer Sheet to record your test answers:
    • Fill in online in real time with test. Click here.
    • Print Answer Sheet to fill in during testing (you can then scan or photograph your test and upload it here)
  • After completion of the test, please scan or photograph your answer sheet and upload it using the button on this page. You may also email ( your answer sheet back to us. This must be done immediately at the completion of the exam. Answer Sheets sent in with a large time gap between end of testing and submission may be disqualified.
  • It is vital that you remain muted during testing and that you are ALONE when providing answers. ERSCA has multiple proctors watching the testing to assure compliance with the rules. Cheating will not be tolerated!

The 50-questions in the certification test will be asked aloud by the instructor, and displayed visually in the classroom. We will give everyone time to answer the question before moving on.


Test results will be emailed within two weeks of class conclusion, and certificates will be mailed out shortly thereafter.