How Training Can Ease Your Labor Problem

How Training Can Ease Your Labor Problem

No matter where my travels have taken me over the past several years there is one refrain that continues to eco; “I can’t find or keep drivers!” From Palo Alto to Baltimore the challenge for suitable workers is to one degree or another a universal problem. I even filled in for a guest speaker in St Louis who fell ill at the last minute who was to speak on the problem of labor. Without the benefit of his notes I simply asked the audience to answer three questions.

  1. How do we attract them?
  2. How do we hire them?
  3. How do we keep them?

As you can imagine there were as many opinions as there were people in the room. But after some of the emotion was drained from the room, there was a few agreed upon topics. Wages, obscene hours, dangerous working conditions and the problems with dealing with people aside, we landed on the topic of training. Or perhaps the difficulty and investment of training. The group decided that it was becoming more difficult, more complicated and terribly expensive. As you read these words you may be thinking “Dah Dan, I could have saved you the trip!” Forgetting the obvious for a moment, how do we do something, anything about it? Well there is some hope here and your Coalition is right smack dab in the middle of it. As you may or may not know we have partnered with the CTTA and have begun creating training videos that are introductory. Put another way they are somewhere between introducing the new employee to what something is called to the level 1 training that the CTTA offers. Our theory was that the rigors of operating a tow truck or car carrier have grown too complex for an incoming employee to start out with level 1 training. They need time and experience to be able to fully leverage the level 1 course. Our videos seek to bridge that gap from day one to day 90-120 when your service tech can take advantage of the more advanced training.

How it Works

The videos will be comprised of 5 different modules that last from 10-20 minutes each. Each module will cover a different discipline and will be accompanied by a test at the end that will rate the test takers comprehension. After completing all 5 tests the student then receives a certificate of completion thus letting you know that at least some of the basics have indeed been covered. Once the tests have been completed that video goes away. Each package of 5 can only be purchased and used once. We have yet to decide on a price but the goal is to make these affordable.

How this helps you Labor Problem

If one gets the chance to ever conduct an exit interview with new hire’s, you will likely conclude that the new hire was simply overwhelmed. The best way to help minimize this is through information. Because we are hiring younger folks all the time the video or internet based presentation resonates better therefor educating them better than traditional manuals. This new to us method may not help attract new folks but it sure will help keep the ones you did manage to net.

Dan Charlebois- UCMCS Training Chairmen