How to Kill Two Birds with One Stone

How to Kill Two Birds with One Stone


Servicing your motor club customer today requires an efficient business model. Your machine has to be well oiled to meet the demands of volume and customer expectations. Many of the motor clubs perform customer service surveys to let know how they are doing and of course you end up being the most important part of the survey when they require service. In some cases the amount of compensation or call volume you receive will correlate to the perceived service the motor club customer received. Here are a couple of tips to help you get off to the right start in pleasing your motor club customer.

* Customer service starts with safety! Being safety minded around your customer translates into a general message. The message you send when you communicate that you are a safe operator is always a positive one. It says you are interested enough in what you are doing to bother paying attention. It is another way of saying that one cares about what is going on. Your customer will find this irresistible and will have a hard time giving a negative response to someone who took the time to care about their safety.

* Communicate! Our industry spends a large amount of time training from a technical point of view and rightly so. Knowing how to do a thing correctly is not only prudent but again communicates that one has bothered to care. We should continue to do this but we should spend an equal amount of time teaching our operators what to say. Sometimes the obvious needs to be stated, for example: “Mam/Sir, I know I am 33 minutes later than you expected< I am sorry for the delay, I don’t want to make excuses but we are just swamped and I pledge to do my best to get your car issue resolved to your satisfaction. Again I apologize for being late.” Or perhaps you can simply inform the customer of next steps. What we do is routine to us but foreign to our customers. Giving them a quick peek into the next steps of service can put them at ease and once again create a bond between operator and customer.

* Rehearse. Once you have set expectations with how you want your operators to perform, have them do a performance for you. Ask them to greet you and give them as much encouragement as you can while giving them tips on how represent you best. In the end you find that you will have safer drivers who will being pushing customer service at the same time, in baseball we call this a double play or a twofer.