Big Changes at the Coalition

Big Changes at the Coalition

Greetings to all of my fellow emergency road service providers. As you may know we just held our election at our annual membership meeting, just in case you were not able to attend here is the scoop on some of the critical happenings in 2017 and the start of 2018.

First, yours truly, (Craig Baker) accepted the nomination to run for President and as a result I am your new President. Our beloved Past President, Steve Sgarlato will continue to serve in a different capacity as Secretary/Treasurer. Other board members include: Robert Inskeep, Bob Matson, Sam Johnson and John Reynolds. As we transition allow me to give a big thank you to all the past board members for your commitment and time.

2017 had a number of legislative issues that are spilling over into 2018 that pose some great concerns to our channel of business and the industry as a whole. Your Coalition has been planted squarely in the middle of the following regulatory battles:

AB 2392 (Santiago) is a bill sponsored by the insurance industry to get at some of their perceived issues with the towing industry, including access and “unreasonable” fees. The current version of the bill is problematic for a number of reasons and if left unattended, the bill would have major negative effects for virtually every tower in the industry. Thanks to our crack legislative advocates (Ellison Wilson Advocacy) we were able to get a seat at the table to help influence the process. Ellison Wilson mobilized the Coalition legislation team and they partnered with the CTTA team help slow the process down and get industry feedback on pending legislature. Our collective goal is to further legitimize professional towing services and simultaneously attempt to curb and eliminate unethical operators posed to hurt the industry.

Electronic Logging Device ELD
Additionally, the Coalition is also negotiating with the CHP as they begin to work on an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule for intrastate truckers in California. The same team as above has proposed moving the 100 mile radius rule to 150 miles to alleviate undue costs and stress on the ERS industry. We have their ear and plan on moving our whisper to a shout if we need to.

A super shout out to the Ellison Wilson Group for staying on top of things and mobilizing our warriors to help shape the process. As a board member and prospective Pres. I have been within ear shot of all the work these guys put in to hold the line for all of us. It is hard to put a dollar value on what they have saved us so far but trust me, you get your dues back many times over by what they save you. Those who are not members of the Coalition or the CTTA are getting these services for free so please encourage those whom you know who are not members to do their part and join up.

Finally, as a good friends Grandpa used to say; “After a month of beans and taters, a change to taters and beans is good!” Well the board announced the phase-in of a new name for the Coalition, “Emergency Road Service Coalition of America” As I begin this new chapter with you we must together continue to build a strong foundation to pave the path of our industries future. We have exciting time ahead of us, but caution at times challenging and will test our commitment. Together we will make a difference. ~STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, STRENGTH IN FOCUS!

I am leaving you my contact information and an invitation to contact me or any board member with your questions or comments.

Craig Baker
408-828-9100 cell
925-778-9292 work