About Us


The Emergency Road Service Coalition of America (ERSCA) was formed in 2012, originally titled The United Coalition for Motor Club Safety (“The Coalition”), created by a group of California tow company owners in their desire to improve working conditions for towing and recovery companies, as well as ensure the safety of their members and the public they serve. Because of our success in education and in politics at the state capital working alongside the California Tow Truck Association, in 2018 it was decided by the board of directors to restructure the bylaws and change the name to the Emergency Road Service Coalition of America in order to provide greater support to towing companies across America, including comprehensive education and political support to state associations.

Our mission is to promote collaboration and education in the towing industry, with a focus on safety and advocacy.

“While we’ll never forget our roots as frustrated Californian motor club towers that fought together to better our industry,” said President of the Coalition, Craig Baker of Cupertino Towing, “we’ve learned some key lessons along the way that we believe can also help additional towing companies in other states improve their situations.”

Specifically, ERSCA has played a critical role in politics, notably helping defeat or improve several potentially devastating bills that would have been crushing to the towing industry, including AB 1222 (Bloom) which would have authorized every city and county in the state to regulate and tax any tower that simply drove through its jurisdiction, and AB 2586 (Gatto), which would have required towers to provide free towing and storage to owners of stolen vehicles, amongst many other legislative and regulatory victories. Further, ERSCA has been involved in lawsuits that have reshaped the power dynamics between motor clubs and their contracting towing companies for the better.

For the future ERSCA plans to offer these same services and benefits to its national membership. To do so, we will continue to hire legal counsel, lobbyists, PR professionals, to ensure towers’ voices are heard and their rights protected, particularly as emerging technologies reshape the towing industry.

CONTACT: To learn more about ERSCA email staff@ersca.org.

Our Mission:

To facilitate and promote collaboration in the
industry, with a focus on safety and advocacy.


Q: What is the Emergency Road Service Coalition of America?

 A: We are a membership organization that represents the towing and emergency road service community across America.

Q: What is the ERSCA’s mission?

 A: To facilitate and promote collaboration in the industry, with a focus on safety and advocacy. 

Q: Does ERSCA offer training classes?

A: We offer an online driver training course designed to fill the gap between hiring a driver and sending them to hands-on training, giving them the confidence to succeed. For more information click on this link: https://ersca.org/registration/

Q: Why have you taken a national approach?

A: We saw a need for a national organization that would be able to support towers coast to coast. We hope to bring professionalism and guidance to all in the towing industry as well as create a network of collaboration for towers to help everyone involved in the industry succeed.

Q: What does It cost to become a member?

A: Annual membership dues are based on your company’s monthly call volume. 

 Level 4 – $500/year (4000 or more calls/month)

Level 3 – $300/year (2000-3999 calls/month)

Level 2 – $200/year (400-1999 calls/month)

Level 1 – $150/year (below 400 calls/month

To view a PDF of our by-laws click here. If you would like more information, reach us at staff@ersca.org.